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The lack of predictability in the stock market is the only predictable thing about it. Gains can be considerable, and losses can be huge.


For property however, despite all forecasts over the last 40 years about inevitable decline, growth has been massive, and taken as an average, consistent.

There’s an indisputable fact that underlines the property market in the UK. The heavily populated South East region of this island, rightly or wrongly, is the centre of power, wealth creation and business, with a population that continues to grow.


Simple supply and demand means there is a consistent need for property, both for purchase and for rent, that will remain undiminished.​

The beauty of ‘bricks and mortar’ investment compared to other options is that the investment ‘exists’ in real terms. An income from the burgeoning rental market within the Brighton & Hove area is guaranteed, and we regularly secure properties for clients offering a 6-12% gross annual return, with even greater returns if a client uses leverage.

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